s česnekem

bez gmo, barviv, éček a konzervantů, bezlepkové

Hrachové s česnekem jsou vhodné pro všechny, kteří mají rádi něco extra. Speciální kombinace hrachu, česneku a směsi našeho koření zaručuje neopakovatelný zážitek z křupání. Pozor, může vzniknout závislost!

do polévek jako krutony …
do salátů …
k pivu, vínu …

with garlic

without gmo, dyes, pickles and preservatives, gluten-free

Peas with garlic are suitable for everyone who likes something extra. The special combination of peas, garlic and a mixture of our spices guarantees a unique crunching experience. Caution, addiction can occur!

into soups like croutons …
for salads …
for beer, wine …

At YESCHiPS, we are aware of the so-called “exchange factor”, which is why we only use quality raw materials without labels, preservatives and GMOs. We believe that people will appreciate it!

– Martin Mondek

Who we are?

The beginning of our legume chips has a long story.
Our Martin invented legume chips, which he started to produce and sell on
farmers markets and a few other places…

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